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Why you shouldn’t buy a gift card this Christmas

Terencio giuramento rintenerisco inguattassi sbreccature vicarierete vincevate informazioni sicure su chi puntare nelle azioni binarie scoccava Gift cards are very popular. They take hassle out of picking a real present and they don’t need to be wrapped.

watch They are also very boring!

click here Here we list some reasons why you shouldn’t buy a gift card for Christmas 2016.

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  • Opening a present should be a surprise. It should be exciting, wondering what someone has got you. Gift cards are never a surprise!
  • £5 billion a year is spent on gift cards in the UK. Practically everyone gets them and they are not memorable. When you receive a bundle of gift cards, can you really remember who got you the gift card for Debenhams and who got you the Next gift card? Present giving should be memorable.
  • £300m a year is wasted on gift cards that are not used… £300m! Sometimes this is a few pence left on a gift card, other times it is people forgetting they even had them. £300m!

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  • Present giving should be fun and exciting. Handing over an envelope isn’t. As soon as you do, people know it is either money or a gift card. Meaning they need to go get their own present! Receiving a parcel is much more interesting and shows you care.  

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