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Blogger Toy Stories: Crutches of Life

follow This week’s Blogger Toy Story is from Alix from Liverpool. Alix’s blog is called Crutches of Life and her niece loves My Little Pony. Her Blog can be found here.

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What was your favourite toys from your childhood and why?

My favourite Toys from my childhood were My Barbie Car, Teletubbies Noo-Noo and Play-Doh.
I loved my Barbie car, it was a 2 seater car, pink with seat Belts. As a child, I always put my Barbie and Ken in the car and I pushed it everywhere. img_7896 I really loved the Teletubbies, I collected everything Teletubbies when I was a kid and adored my Noo-Noo because you could pull it back and it would move along by itself.  I loved my Play-Doh especially Play-Doh Crazy Cuts. It was figures in chairs and you filled them with Play-Doh and pressed them down and Play-Doh would come out of the holes and make crazy hair cuts. You also got plastic scissors and you good cut the Play-Doh off.


What are your children’s favourite toys?

My niece’s favourite toys are anything My Little Pony. She loves her Pony teddies and so far she has Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash, she’s getting more for Christmas. She also loves her dolls house because she likes to play House and she enjoys imaginative play.

Which of your children’s toys do you really like?

I like the dolls house, as it’s fun to play House with my niece an we like to go out and buy some dolls house furniture too. I like that she has a creative imagination.

Are there any of your children’s toys that you don’t like?

I don’t like the small items in the My Little Pony figures set packs. So easy to lose or might cause a accident, you have to watch her closely with tiny pieces in packs.

If you were a child now, what toy would you be asking for?

dating os med dyr If I was a child now, I would be asking for a Furby connect. I had a Furby when I was a child but they are much better now. The Furby connect looks amazing and you can learn so much from it.

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